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A Perfect Honeymoon at Cala Luna, Costa Rica

After wedding many couples go to honeymoon- an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. Just like wedding, the couples will want to have a perfect honeymoon experience by visiting an ideal destination. Cala Luna boutique hotel and villas is the perfect destination for honeymoon in Costa Rica. There are many reasons why newly-wed couples will not afford to miss a honeymoon at Cala Luna.

The boutique hotel on the beach of Costa Rica offers privacy, and romance that helps the couples celebrate their honeymoon in a unique style. In addition, the friendly and dedicated staff of Cala Luna can do anything to create a memorable honeymoon experience for its clients. In Cala Luna, the couples will have a chance to select a variety of activities to make their honeymoon celebration special. Cala Luna will do their best to accommodate the request of the clients, so inform their helpful staff and they will turn the couples’ dreams into reality.

The Cala Luna’s luxurious beach front hotels offer amazing dinner for couples, where they can dine under the star or candle light as they watch waves crashing in a near distance. The dinner includes a wide range of wines and champagne as well as a selection of desserts and appetizers. In addition, Cala Luna offer romantic dinners where the couples will have their own private wait staff.

Furthermore, there are also spa services at the comfort of couples’ own rooms at the hotel. On the other hand, there is outdoor spa bungalow for couples who want to enjoy spa services outside their room in hotels.

The couples will enjoy their honeymoon by walking barefoot on the beach colored by sunrise at Cala Luna. Listen to the birds as you enjoy the breeze of the sea. In addition, you will enjoy your honeymoon by watching the amazing sunset on the horizon. With wine or cocktails in hand, the couples can sit on the warm sand as they watch the sun dip on the Pacific Ocean horizon.

In the evening, the couples can enjoy the honeymoon on the Cala Luna’s two-bedroom villas. Cala Luna’s villas have private pools and fully equipped kitchen. Individuals who love cooking will have a chance to prepare their favorite cuisines in Cala Luna’s villas. Otherwise, there are private chefs who are available to serve the couples upon request.

In a nutshell, going for a honeymoon on Cala Luna will provide a memorable experience that couples will never forget in their lifetime. Visit their website to get more information about honeymoon experiences in Costa Rica.